Where do we start with the fishing stuff...

We're one of the largest tackle and bait shops in Leicester! If it's popular we usually have it, and if we don't we'll see what we can do! Here's a list of the people we deal with!

Kamasan, WSB Tackle, Middy, Bandit, Preston, Dynamite Baits, Korum, 30 Plus, Cotswold Bait, Match Bait uk, Polaris, Dinsmores, Waterline, Sonubaits, Shakespeare, Avanti, SBS, Stiff Baits, Albatros, Premier, Stonfo, Mistral, Lineaeffe, Max Performance, Wavelock, Enterprise, Avid Carp, Browning, Zebco, Richworth, Ringers, Commercial and more. ***MAINLINE BAIT*** SENSAS*** NOW AVAILABLE

 We do terminal tackle, poles, rods, reels, line, live bait, dead bait. Pretty much everything you need to catch those big beauties! Whilst staying warm, dry and sitting comfy.

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